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In 1937, 24 charter members organized to form the Mason County Historical Society. Since its inception in November of 1937, the Historical Society has been protecting, preserving, and presenting the history of Mason County. For over 85 years now, the Society has been operating museums that share the vibrant history of our area.

  • 1937 Mason County Historical Society formed
  • 1946 Society starts collecting artifacts for display at Ludington Public Library
  • 1951 Society hosts displays at Church of Christ, Ludington, Rose Hawley first curator
  • 1960 Mason County Museum opens at 305 East Filer St.
  • 1965 Society purchases the 116-year-old landmark Burr Caswell home for restoration 
  • 1973 – Caswell home restored; White Pine Village started
  • 1976 White Pine Village opens
  • 1986 Rose Hawley Museum open at 115 W. Loomis St.
  • 1993 Research Library opens at White Pine Village
  • 1996 Rose Hawley Museum opens at White Pine Village
  • 2006 Planning begins for the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum
  • 2017 Port of Ludington Maritime Museum opens
  • 2019 Society purchases old First National Bank building in Downtown Ludington
  • 2021 Works begins to convert bank building into the Mason County Research Center
  • 2022 Mason County Research Center opens
Mason County Historical Society



Discovery the people and industries that shaped Mason County.

Mason County


View the most treasured pieces of our collection and learn how we preserve the precious history of our area.

Mason County


15 Townships make up the fields, pine tree forests, and sandy beaches of Mason County. Come discover Mason County's connection the the Civil War!

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The Collection

Every three months learn about an artifact or collection that has been preserved for future generations.

Behind-the-Scene Tours

Embark on a unique voyage through time with the Mason County Historical Society’s exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. Delve into the heart of history, where the past comes alive through careful preservation and storytelling.

Explore the captivating exhibits that paint a vivid picture of Mason County’s journey. From the footprints of its pioneers to the echoes of industrial transformation, every artifact encapsulates a narrative worth discovering.

In a world racing forward, the Mason County Historical Society stands as a bridge between our past, present, and future. As we explore the narratives of those who came before us, we’re reminded of the importance of leaving behind our own legacy. Our stories, struggles, and achievements contribute to a tapestry that shapes the world our descendants will inherit.

Just as we find inspiration in the stories of our forebearers, our own tales will inspire generations to come. The Mason County Historical Society’s tour encourages us to reflect on our individual roles in the larger narrative of history.

Tours: Tuesday – Saturday @ 2:00 pm Memorial Day – Labor Day. Tours by request during the remainder of the year. 

Tours are limited to 12 people. 

Senior: $8.00

Adult: $10.00

Child (4-12): $3.00

Members: Free

Tickets can be purchased at the time of check-in from Memorial Day – Labor Day. To reserve in advance or request a tour during the off-season, email rebecca@mchshistory.org