The Henry and Elizabeth Haskell Award for Historic Preservation is given to an individual, business, or corporation who restores a local building for historic preservation of its architectural heritage.
The award is presented yearly at the annual meeting of the Mason County Historical Society. The main objective of the award is to promote awareness and interest in Mason County’s architectural heritage.
Other goals and objectives include:

  • To publicly recognize those property owners who have made commitments of time and money to improve their homes and businesses in ways that are sympathetic with the historic values endeared by the Mason County Historical Society and Mason County as a whole.
  • To educate the public about the three distinct, but interrelated, approaches to the treatment of historic properties (during or prior to the Great Depression years): Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration.
  • To encourage more property owners to improve their homes/businesses in ways that are sympathetic with historic values.

The award is usually made in the fall of each year at the annual meeting of the Society. Applications may be obtained anytime by calling 231-843-4808. Anyone wishing to nominate a potential building is encouraged to also call the Historical Society.

2017 - Jamesport Brewing Company410 S James St, Ludington
2016 - Sandcastles Childrens Museum129 E. Ludington Avenue, Ludington
2015 - FOTOF, LLC.115 W. Ludington Avenue, Ludington
2013 - Joseph and Mykila Althouse316 N. Gaylord, Ludington
2012 - Albert Silander6768 W. Silander Lane, Ludington
2010 - Lon and Karen Reader164 S. Main St. Custer
2009 - Gary and Sue Ann Schnitker409 E. Ludington Avenue, Ludington
2008 - Roger and Marcia Hansen3529 W. Conrad Rd., Ludington
2007 - Gerry and Gloria Taylor4539 S. Lakeshore Drive, Ludington
2006 - Roger and Gayle Anderson405 E. Ludington Avenue, Ludington
2004 - Robert Claflin601 N. Lakeshore Drive, Ludington
2003 - Larry and Jeanie Anderson1042 S. Meyers Rd., Ludington
2002 - Robert and Carole Kosanovich108 S. Rath, Ludington (Rath Building)
2001 - Duane and Elaine Ingraham110 N. Columbia St., Scottville
2000 - Don and Sharon Koehler209 E. State St., Scottville
1999 - Sally Reed201 S. Washington Avenue, Ludington
1998 - Sharon Bluhm3600 Deren Rd., Ludington
1997 - Diane Shields, Inn at Ludington701 E. Ludington Avenue, Ludington
1996 - Patricia Barney Carroll403 S. Delia St., Ludington