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Love Ludington Weekend
June 7th &8th

Prepare for an action-packed weekend celebrating the rich heritage of Ludington! Dive into the archives with exclusive Behind-the-Scenes tours, uncover the secrets of lumbering history with a captivating presentation, and be transported back in time with a skit featuring James Ludington and Eber Ward. Explore the historic homes district on guided walking tours and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Ludington’s past.

Behind the Scenes Tour

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Historic Homes Tours

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Ghost Tour, 2024: Trains, Towns, & Lumber Camps

Saturday, June 1st

Location: The bus will leave from Meade Township Hall

Time: 2:00 pm

Step back in time and join us for a Ghost Tour: 2024 Trains, Towns, and Lumber Camps of NE Mason County! Get your now – anticipation is high, and tickets are expected to sell out quickly!


Prepare for an afternoon steeped in history as characters from the past materialize before your eyes. On June 1st, the Mason County Historical Society beckons you to embark on a special bus tour, delving into the mysteries of an abandoned railroad, ghost towns, and forgotten lumber camps nestled in the northeastern reaches of Mason County.

In 1899, luminaries of lumber from Manistee and Ludington forged the Manistee & Grand Rapids Railroad, a standard gauge marvel weaving through the landscapes from Manistee, through Filer City and Stronach, onwards into the heart of northeast Mason County, and finally reaching its terminus in Marion, Osceola County. For three decades, this railroad hummed with activity, ferrying lumber, freight, and passengers with its network of depots scattered across Mason County.

Fast forward a century, and remnants of this once-thriving railroad linger in plain sight, silent witnesses to a bygone era. Join us as we trace the path of the M&GR aboard our bus tour. Along the way, we’ll tread through ghost towns and explore the whispers of abandoned lumber camps, each step an enlightening reminder of yesteryears.

As the day draws to a close, immerse yourself in a delectable dinner with a special presentation by MCHS Board President James Jensen that will shed light on the rich history of Free Soil and Meade townships. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to commune with the past—reserve your tickets before they fade into the mists of time!


Tickets include a bus tour, dinner, and historical presentation. All proceeds go to the Mason County Historical Society to help preserve, protect, and present the history of Mason County.


Mason County Historical Society is a non-profit entity supported through donations, memberships, and ticket sales. MCHS received no tax support.

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Historical Society Gala

Saturday, September 14th

Location: Historic Stearns Hotel

6:00 pm Doors open
6:30 pm Program begins

Celebrate the history of Mason County at Stearns Hotel; enjoy a dinner event with live music, historical plays, and dancing!


The Mason County Historical Society is thrilled to announce its upcoming Gala, an evening of grandeur and entertainment, set to take place in the historic Stearns Motor Inn ballroom on Saturday, September 14th. This event is a unique celebration of Mason County’s rich history, but it also offers an unexpected twist as a mystery visitor shall pop in for a few.  


To top off the evening’s festivities, Dr. Rick Plummer, will serve as the emcee, ensuring that the night unfolds seamlessly.

Adding to the allure of the evening, MCHS Board President James Jensen will present an engaging historical presentation. 

The Mason County Historical Society’s Gala promises to be an unforgettable night of history, humor, and spirited fun. Don’t miss this unique celebration of our areas heritage, where the past comes to life in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Tickets are $75 a person – Funds from this event go towards the preservation of Ludington and Mason County’s History for future generations to enjoy!

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Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Behind-the-Scenes Tours
Price per adult $8.00
Price per person: $6.00
Price per child $3.00

Historic Homes Tours

Historic Homes Tours
Price per adult $20.00