Welcome to Mason County Historical Society’s Online Programming Resources
Since the Society’s founding in November of 1937 our mission has been to preserve and present the history of Mason County. In keeping with our mission, we are excited to provide online lesson plans and activities as a way to engage with out visitors beyond our museum doors. We are continuing to develop programming, so please check back often as we will be adding regular updates. If you have specific programming needs please contact rebecca@mchshistory.org
Lesson Plans & Activities
Historical Photo Detective
Become a photo detective and answer questions while viewing historic photos from a time gone by. While viewing the photos, think about what life was like back in a time when there were none of the modern day conveniences like cars, electricity, television, and cell phones. Writing Prompts can be easily accessed on Google Drive.
Mason Memories Essay

Become a historian and discover the past as you read our Mason Memories series. Learn about the inhabitants and industries that put Mason County on the map. Afterwards write an essay on what you have learned.

Virtual History Hunts
Take a journey back in time while doing a Virtual History Hunt. Visit our websites and learn about the different exhibits at each museum. Our Virtual History Hunts bring to life the lumbering and maritime history of West Michigan. Learn how early settlers lived and the industries they worked in.
Outdoor Scavenger Hunts
West Michigan is a beautiful part of the State. Take a break and get outdoors!

Our outdoor scavenger hunts are family-friendly activities that can be done right in your backyard or you can venture out to one of the many great state parks right here in West Michigan. Take some time to enjoy the great outdoors as you look for trees, flowers, and insects. Take a selfie and tag the Society in a post. Make sure to include our special hashtag #MasonCoHistoryMuseums.

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Journaling Ideas
Journaling is a great way to track our experiences as well as patterns. In our Journaling link you will find a “Dear Diary” program specific to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are living in historic times. All of us make history and have stories to tell. Diaries hold stories of everyday life. Some of these stories happen during extraordinary times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep a diary and record what it is like to live through times like these. You can help make sure that what is happening today will be remembered and that future generations will know how you lived. You can be a history maker and a history keeper just like the Bland and Faulkner families!

Do you like weather and wonder if there are any patterns to it? Check out our weather journals and start to discover the science of weather patterns.

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